Software Engineering

Our developers helps you launch new products faster, modernize existing products and maintain enhanced product portfolios at reduced costs, thereby delivering higher value for your customers. We enable software products to migrate to cloud, develop user friendly mobile apps and meet market specific customizations.


Cloud Services

TechDelegates has leveraged its technical expertise as a global technology services firm and its treasured partnership with AWS and Microsoft Azure in developing a robust cloud based solutions.

Our goal is  - Transformation solutions into future, innovative cloud engineering practices, cost-efficient optimization solutions and a solid cloud infrastructure management structure.


Product Development

Our products empowering rural India into digital transformations. Our developers are always thrive for innovative ideas and implementations. 


Enterprise Solutions

 In the contemporary business environment, organizations regardless of size, scale and industry are faced with challenges like high operating cost, complex processes, technological complexity, and rapid business change, which impact business performance and profitability. TechDelegates help organizations to optimize and integrate business processes and manage complex data  in order to improve operational efficiency, cost and transform businesses. 


Software Testing

 We help organizations setup a complete end-to-end Quality Assurance Engineering (QAE) process that comprises of innovative techniques, expert advisers and time-tested methodologies. 

 Our quality assurance services include technology and process-based approaches to requirements verification, functional requirements validation that includes business processes, core system transactions, business services, test data management, user acceptance testing support and end-to-end system integration testing to help efficiently and effectively enable the realization of the envisioned business objectives